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My mom is growing into childhood

Every day, in different ways, my mom gets a little more childlike. “You’re my bestest friend and … daughter,” she says to me, the daughter part sounding more and more like an afterthought. “You’re the only one left,” she says. … Continue reading

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My mom’s brain was chaotic

There was a time, when my mom still lived independently, when she would regale me with tales of her hallucinations (likely brought on by the Alzheimer’s drug Aricept). “Every night there are people singing Christmas carols outside my window,” she … Continue reading

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The things she’s forgotten

How to tell time. What she had for dinner. The house she lived in for thirty-four years, where she raised her children. The names of her grandchildren … or even that she has grandchildren. Whether it’s morning or night.                        … Continue reading

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An old man, his horse, and my mom

There’s a parable about an old man whose horse runs away. “What a terrible thing,” the village people say. “That’s life,” says the old man. The horse returns and brings with it three mares. “What a wonderful thing,” the village … Continue reading

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