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My mom used to pray

Throughout her life, my mom found great comfort in prayer. She prayed throughout the day, asking God for help with all of her problems. When I had a problem as a teenager, she would recommend that I pray also. This … Continue reading

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Bombs, Bullies, and Old Age

Two bombs at the Boston Marathon. Two people dead. Over 100 injured. “That’s terrible,” my mom says after I tell her. “It is,” I say. “I want to tell Phyllis,”* she says. “Hold on.” Three minutes later, she’s back on … Continue reading

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Everything is a puzzle to my mom

My mom used to love puzzles. She would sit for hours at a card table, putting 500 pieces together to make a picture. She got tremendous joy out of completing a puzzle. But Alzheimer’s took that away from her. It … Continue reading

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Our relationship has never been so simple

“Is it true that I’m your mother?” my mom asks me. “Yes, mom.” “Is that how you see it?” “That’s how it is,” I say. “So you think of me as the mother?” she asks. “Yes, mom,” I say. “You’re … Continue reading

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